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on: June 12, 2010, 10:31:06 pm 16 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / theater of blood by michael j lewis

At last an official commercial release of this wonderful score by Welsh born composer Michael J Lewis. The composer himself issued a promotional Compact disc of the music from this British comedy horror a few years ago. Which became deleted fairly swiftly and also became a rare and very hard to find item. Collectors will therefore welcome this release with open arms. I will say if you are one of the very few collectors of soundtracks that maybe have not heard this score, then you are in for a treat, and in a way I envy you for being about to discover this now classic work for the first time. As with the majority of Michael J Lewis’s works for the cinema THEATER OF BLOOD contains not only highly dramatically passages that fit the events occurring up on the screen like the proverbial glove  but it also contains some of the most alluring and elegant melodies that I have had the privilege to hear since I began collecting film music in nineteen hundred and something or other. The movie itself was an entertaining jaunt and one which I went more than once to see at the cinema. Vincent Price was his normal over the top self, hammy and  glorious in every way playing a spurned thespian who had been treated badly, or so he thought by critics etc. The cast list was like a who’s who from British cinema, Ian Hendry, Diana Rigg, Harry Andrews, Jack Hawkins, Robert Morley, Michael Hordern, Dennis Price and Coral Browne producing marvelous performances all of  which were underlined, enhanced and complimented by the composers surging yet unobtrusive score. I am certain that this particular issue of the soundtrack has better sound quality, although saying this the promo version also hard pretty sharp and crisp sound. As is the norm with La La Land releases the compact disc is presented very well, the CD booklet containing numerous stills from the movie and some excellent liner notes from the renowned film music word-smith Randall D Larson. Which are informative and interesting.  The composers haunting  theme for Edwina manifests itself on a number of occasions within the score, Lewis adding little nuances or arranging the composition in a different fashion so it remains fresh, vibrant and above all else melodic.This central theme is in many ways similar to the composers principal melody for THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT, Lewis masterfully employs strings, recorders and flutes with underlying harpsichord flourishes which at times bring a touch of grace to the already elegant sound of the work. The theme itself is a simple one, but is also an endearing and obviously an enduring one. I cannot recommend this release enough, and I hope that maybe more Michael J Lewis will be considered for commercial release. He is a sadly underrated and unjustly under utilized composer, who’s music for Film, Television and Theater should be heard by all.   

on: June 09, 2010, 09:09:35 pm 17 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: GOLDEN '70S - Franco Micalizzi

I wish someone would release the full score for ALLA MIA CARA MAMMA its wonderful   lots of romantic strings  glorious melodies and edda   

on: June 09, 2010, 08:15:31 pm 19 Beat Records community - English message boards / Main board / Re: Complete ARIZONA COLT score: when?

Any update on this classic daniele ?????

on: June 09, 2010, 08:12:28 pm 20 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / TASTE OF KILLING AND BURY THEM DEEP OPENING SEQUENCE

These two films have the same opening sequence, in fact same first 10 mins or so, weird, if you have them or get a chance to see both  compare them   maybe i was seeing things ????????/  by the way   taste of killing should get a full soundtrack release   Nico Fidenco,s music is wonderful....

on: June 09, 2010, 08:10:13 pm 21 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / gUNMEN OF THE AVE MARIA/FORGOTTEN PISTOLERO

I was wondering, after seeing this movie the other day again, there is so much music in the film that is not on the cd, would anyone be aware if more music was available for release  john m.

on: June 09, 2010, 08:07:45 pm 22 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: Soundtrack WANT LIST

I would like to see GODS GUN issued, but i am told the tapes were destroyed.  Captain Apache would be good too, i was informed that the score was actually the work of Jose Nieto, and not Dolores Clabourne  she apparentley wrote the songs and nieto was responsible for the score, watching the movie the other day there are some great trumpet solos and also whistling cues,,,,,,long overdue     

on: June 09, 2010, 08:02:12 pm 23 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / SHOUT AT THE DEVIL

At last this score is going to to get a cd release,  Maurice jarres score is epic, and the movie too is a great watch, lee marvin paired with roger Moore is genius,,,,, another quartet release, also coming  charge of light brigade and hornets nest    :D

on: June 09, 2010, 07:58:55 pm 24 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: quartet/singular---Who can kill a child/-the house that screamed review

i am sure we will be seeing more from Singular/quartet.  i love the way they present the cds  the art work etc, sound quality is ok   but considering the age of some of the scores   very good...

on: June 05, 2010, 06:34:03 pm 25 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / quartet/singular---Who can kill a child/-the house that screamed review

RATING ****½

The score for this 1974 Spanish horror movie is one that was certainly ahead of its time musically, composer Waldo De los Rios fashioned a multi faceted score which contains many innovative and highly inventive moments. De Los Rios uses children’s voices to create an atmosphere that is wholly chilling in the same way in which Jerry Goldsmith used them in POLTERGEIST. Right from the offset the composer sets an uneasy and somewhat ominous and unsettling tone with the utilisation of a lone child’s voice which hums sweetly a simple but unnerving little ditty, that is not dissimilar to Christoper Komeda’s ROSEMARYS BABY theme. The cue is short lived but certainly grabs ones attention, the lone voice being joined at the tracks conclusion by children laughing which itself even sounds nerve-jangling. This theme does raise its head again during the work, and is most effective when performed on a barrel organ effect that is supported by an off key sounding music box at times enhanced by lumbering brass. Track 2 is also short lived, and is a brief but again effective extended musical stab of sorts that is made up from strings with threatening sounding woods and subdued but effective use of brass. In fact the first three tracks on the compact disc are short in their duration, but are perfect stage setters for the remainder of the score. Track 4, NIGHT TALK is the love theme from the score and is delicately performed on harp and underlying strings which both act as a background to a keyboard performing the central theme. This is repeated and expanded upon in track number 5, De Los Rios giving the love theme composition a full work out with rich sounding strings, synthesiser, brass and percussion, it is a light airy and haunting piece which I suppose is in a style that one could compare to that of Henry Mancini. The score for WHO CAN KILL A CHILD has no less than 54 tracks, but many of these are but seconds long, by this I mean some are under 30 seconds in length, nonetheless when combined they are unsettling components which collectively create a harrowing and at times down right scary work, that is undoubtedly original, atmospheric and above all entertaining, one finds oneself listening to half heard sounds that are used as background to the main content of the tracks, that are like whispers just audible, but long enough and loud enough to attract ones attention. 

The composer also wrote a number of fast paced almost manic sounding cues, where brass, strings, xylophone, booming and driving percussion and shrill woods create a tormenting and tense atmosphere. Plus there are cues such as track number 29, SLOW DEATH FROM THE INTERIOR, which is a fusion of symphonic, chorale, solo voice or shouts and synthetic sounds, listen to this in a dark room alone and see how long it is before you shut it off and turn the lights up. Waldo Del Los Rios was a composer of worth, and sadly overlooked as a composer of film music, so I am pleased that Singular Soundtracks have unearthed and released some of his film scores for collectors to savour. Because once savoured I am confident the collectors will be wanting more of this music-smiths wares. This double compact disc also contains music from another Spanish horror THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED, again De Los Rios, conjures up an atmosphere of mayhem and terror, the score is performed in the main by strings and brass with woods and the occasional music box effect or chimes being brought into the proceedings with brief female voice interludes. These just add more chills to the work and enhance and embellish certain motifs and phrases within the score, to say that either score is superior would be wrong, as each work stands on its own merits. Track 29, END TITLE is an impressive piece and comes complete with a blood curdling scream that heralds a sumptuous string led theme which is not only dramatic but also romantic, resembling something one would expect to hear in a tale of Edgar Allan Poe that has been scored by Les Baxter or a tale of horror with a soundtrack penned by Michael J Lewis. There is also a slightly more upbeat version of the theme Track number 30, THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED which is almost a pop/easy listening version of the piece, pleasant and rich sounding strings amble along backed by drums and harpsichord until its crescendo which is topped off by a mad sounding half scream half laugh, great stuff.  This is a compact disc well worth getting, and one that will bring enjoyment and torment to its listener. Packaged wonderfully, with eye arresting art work, informative and in depth notes,  sound quality is essentially good, although on the second score it can be a little dull at times, but saying this I am of the opinion that Singular worked hard to achieve this standard, as we all know master tapes are more or less tossed to one side and literally left to rot in dark and dank cellars.  Let us be grateful for labels such as this unearthing gems for our delectation. This is a must have an essential purchase. recommended.  JM.     :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o

on: June 05, 2010, 06:02:50 pm 26 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: Soundtrack WANT LIST

i was told that the Mc Gregors scores were available but the release of these two was halted for some reason, THE  GIRL AND THE GENERAL is indeed a good score, and I also liked the movie a lot. it stll amazes me how much unreleased material there is out there, and so many great scores just get passed  The DUELLO NEL TEXAS I think did not contain a lot of music, but maybe a label could combine selections from this and also BULLETS DONT ARGUE etc, to make a viable release. 

on: June 04, 2010, 03:43:11 am 27 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: GOLDEN '70S - Franco Micalizzi

this is a great listen an essential purchase in fact, so go and get it   please... :o ;D :D ;) :)

on: June 04, 2010, 03:41:38 am 28 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: composer leonard rosenman has died....

i remember getting the lp on amos records, the music on the lp was i think re recorded and not from the movie, apart from the mass of the holy bomb which also included dialogue, rosenman was a unique talent.

on: June 04, 2010, 03:21:56 am 29 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: Emanuelle around the world, now available in pre-order!

as josh says any emanuelle score is welcomed as all are very good, this one inparticular sounds great...cant wait for the next one in the series  john m

on: June 04, 2010, 03:19:31 am 30 Beat Records community - English message boards / Original Soundtracks / Re: Unreleased italian scores [La Piovra, etc]

EDA you have a great knowledge of italian scores my friend, the titles you are mentioning are bringing back memories for me, also you mention nicole Samale  he conducted for Morricone a few times and then vanished ,  As well as Russian scores i also love other eastern european film music, fire and swords is magnificent  john m ;D
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