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Re: thunder and thunder 3
« Reply #15 on: June 03, 2008, 04:14:52 pm »
Quote from: \"Damian\"
Hi filippo,

I too am a big fan of Francesco DeMasi and I also look forward to the cd set that has been mentioned.I have been a fan for many years.I think one of my earliest purchases was Solomano Il Conquistador(back in the days of lp).I especially like the fact that you can recognise his style from all of the other composersparticularly in his westerns-very distinctive.

Dear Damian,

my father liked to say that his music was a western symphonic music and not a music for peasants. His particular style derives from his classical training. In fact, he was graduated in horn and since 1969 has diverted its trade towards the direction of orchestra and classical music (for this reason from 1970 he don\'t compose a lot for cinema...). His conception of music was addressed in direction of the symphonyc music and this comes out from his scores.
Thanks for your fine words, Hallo you soon... Filippo.
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