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Hello. I'm new here. I was searching for some Italian composers and I encountered this board. I have to say I liked a few threads that proposed me some artists I didn't know. But the real reason is that I desperately need help.

There was a famous series here in Greece that played from 2003 to 2006. One of the most important things on the show and any show of course is it's music supervising. And this show included any kind of oldies soundtracks and independent tracks. From Luis Bacalov and Nicola Piovani to Fiorenzo Carpi and Ryuichi Sakamoto the music supervisor really was a genius and chose the RIGHT track everytime. But some of his tracks are really obscure. And most of them come from the CAM label and some rare compilations like the difficult to track down Retratos Ibericos.

But SOME of them aren't even recognizable by song identificators, the ones like Valzer by Giovanni Fusco or some variations from the Postman Soundtrack. On the following video on many parts of the episode play many variations of a specific soundtrack. There are around 7 cues that played, thus I knew it was music from a movie.

at 08:14
this is surely a minor variation of the main theme following. It contains some sort of mandolina and guitar with flute playing.

at 09:24
I feel that this is the main theme of the soundtrack. It's a mediterranean feel I get from soundtracks of Carlo Rustichelli with mandolin and violin playing harmonically with guitar singing melancholically on the middle of the score.

at 11:12
This is a violin cue of the previous score. It sounds more slow but surely keeps the melancholy that the unknown composer puts effortlessly in these scores

at 12:54
A variation that is more ambitious that the previous ones but keeps mandolina and violin. It sounds orchestral too and reminds me Italian soundtracks. It's so obvious this sound is Italian ;)

If you want to listen to another 2 scores and help me check these links too
at 09:42 plays a similar cue to the first I posted previously with a clarinet intro. A less dramatic tone
at 07:09 plays again the main theme but here plays till the end and is heard more clearly in case you didn't caught the first well

* at 14:49 plays a cue but I'm not sure if it belongs to the soundtrack I search. But if you know it you can tell me

Of course I may have done the wrong choice to post this thread to the wrong place but I searched and searched and didn't find a similar thread. I get a feel that these tracks belong to Carlo Rustichelli. I don't know, this man is a genius and most of his movies incorporate mandolin in their scores. Don't forget that Carlo is one of the few that combine both dramatic and cheerful tunes like these in their soundtracks. And of course his sounds scream Italy and mediterraneo exactly like this one.
I hope someone can help me and give me some more info on the year and the movie. I really hope someone can promote this message to any of his friends that know from Italian soundtracks and movies. I can tell with 89% precision only two things. That it is Italian sound and secondly it may be after 1980 where soundtracks became less inspiring by recycling a main theme into other various cues with different instruments (something Carlo Rustichelli himself did after becoming popular)

Thanks for any help you may give me. I'm here to talk about any other thing you want
Dimitrio :)
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Re: Unknown Italian score heard in an old Greek series (please check!)
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Check this link too. I edited all the songs heard in a video :)