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Artists that joined Beat message board, updated 25/03/2008
« on: March 04, 2008, 10:41:05 am »
Below a list of the artists that joined our message boards and that can be contacted here!

Check out often this thread (that will always be on top of this section) in order to verify who is checking our message board.
The list is updated periodically!

- Filippo de Masi (director) Son of Maestro Francesco de Masi
- Franco De Gemini (Performer - Publisher)
- Franco Micalizzi (Musician)
- Alessandro Alessandroni (Musicia)
- Francesco Santucci (Musician)
- Roberto Pregadio (Musician)
- Giulia Nicolai (Publisher) Daughter of Maestro Bruno Nicolai
- Umberto Lenzi (Director)
- Mario Caiano (Director)
- Edda Dell\'Orso (Performer)
- Giacomo Dell\'Orso (Musician)
- Fabio Frizzi (Musician)
- Franco Bixio (Musician - Publisher)
- Nico Fidenco (Musician)

From now onward if you have any questions/opinions to ask to the artists above, please open a new topic in this section.
The same artists will answer in this section and our press department will take care of the fact that each time an artist will be asked something he will be aware of the matter.

We kindly request that you don\'t ask difficoult things but just opinions and commentaries, for more complicated requests we suggest you to ask directly to our press department at the following e-mail: <!-- e --><a href=\"\"></a><!-- e -->

We wish you a good conversation!

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