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Le Ricain (1978)
« on: January 04, 2013, 03:18:46 pm »
Old movie with the One original theme by ENNIO MORRICONE and some reused, pre-existing stolen music from CAM library and especially some tracks by Nicolai, Morricone, Patucchi...

Micke identified these pieces:

From Defense De Savoir (Bruno Nicolai):
Incompris (main titles, plus excerpt from final part)
Le Pouvoir (several short excerpts)
Sans Espoir

From Love Birds (Bruno Nicolai):
Il Giorno Del Giudizio

From Il Prezzo Del Potere (Luis Bacalov):
Main theme, plus excerpts from theme

From INCONTRO (Morricone):
Main theme (end credits)


I have identified these pieces by DANIELE PATUCCHI

Tema Per Sydne (from "Le ultime ore di una vergine" (1972)
Un Amore Pulito (LP "Temi conduttori sentimentali")
Verso L'Ignoto (from "Il sorriso del ragno")

There is much more pieces.. Unknown for me... probably from some CAM Libraries...