Author Topic: Tre Per Una Grande Rapina (Le Mataf) + Il Richiamo Del Lupo [GDM, 2013]  (Read 3136 times)

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Couple of months ago there was released excellent coupled CD - by Claudio Fuiano!

"Il Richiamo del Lupo" is some kind of part 2 to I Figli Di Zanna Bianca
"Le Mataf", it is nice to have one LP finally released on CD!

Previously "Le Mataf" released on LP!

But there was also Library Stelvio Cipriani LP "Monica" (1976) [Idea (4) – IL 111] !

I always enjoyed this great LP because it feat. amazing tracks!

2 tracks of Monica Library are included in this new CD:

16. Le répere = B4.Incontro con Laura
17. Chez Basilio = B5.Teneramente... Silvia

Who is M.A.Catalano? Mystery, credited on a Back cover of Monica LP

Just in case if someone interested.....

It often happens, when library tracks released on library LP/CD under another titles and re-released on soundtrack with new title! Cosma, Morricone, Lai, a lot of examples...